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Your Guide to LuLaRoe Sizing

With several different styles, including leggings, skirts, dresses, tops and pull overs, one of the most frequently asked questions for LuLaRoe consultants is “What is my LuLaRoe size?”. Here is the thing about shopping LuLaRoe and LuLaRoe sizing – they provide a standard sizing chart as a guide, but the real trick is to try on, and see what works for you. I can actually wear several sizes in each style, which is actually amazing, because, this gives you more options. What girl doesn’t love options when shopping. So, while the sizing chart is a great guide, use it as that, a guide, not a stead-fast rule.  LuLaRoe sizing can vary slightly.

Let’s take a look at a few specific styles and sizing recommendations:

LuLaRoe Leggings:

OS (one-size, size 0-10) vs T&C (tall and curvy, size 10-22). Here’s the deal on these. I am one of the lucky ones that can wear BOTH sizes (YAY! MORE LEGGINGS FOR ME!) This isn’t an option for everyone, but it could be – try them on to see. For the most part, I love the T&C, because I feel like they have a little more give for me. But the OS are totally do-able. Some people I have heard shy away from the T&C because they aren’t “tall” – Trust me, it’s OK. I know some 5’2″ girls that wear the T&C, no problem. The great thing about LuLaRoe leggings is they are very forgiving. A little scrunch here, a little tuck there, and a fold over and under and they could fit my 7 year old if I wanted them to. I’ve got more coming specific to leggings soon.

LuLaRoe Sizing Chart

Irma Tunics:

Oh Irma. How I love you. Seriously, you couldn’t find a better all around piece. It covers areas we all want covered, goes PERFECT with leggings or jeans, or match it up with a skirt and you could be dressed up for a night on the town. Amazing. Here is the thing about Miss Irma. She’s big. Like real big. LuLaRoe recommends sizing down 2 sizes for this top. Some can actually go down 3. It actually all depends on how you want to wear her, and what you are comfortable with length-wise (how much do you want covered). I always suggest, if you see a print or color that you love – instead of looking at the size, just try it. You will likely love it.

Julia Dress:

Miss Julia is a very flattering, but tighter fitting dress. LuLaRoe sizing recommends going UP one size in this dress. I can agree with this, but again, try a couple different ones on. Different types of materials fit differently. Julia certainly knows how to show off all the curves in all the right places. *Side note: Julia is my hubby’s favorite dress for this reason 😉

Carly Dress:

CARLY – where have you been all my life? LuLaRoe hit the jackpot when they made this. I don’t think I’ve run into anyone yet who doesn’t love some Carly. She looks a bit…..odd……. on the hanger sometimes, but she fits like a dream. I usually recommend sizing your Carly like your Irma. Generally about 2 sizes down. You won’t regret it. Carly has some amazing potential as well – there are SO many great ways to style this dress. I will be sharing some ideas soon!

Maxi Skirt:

I have never seen anything officially stated in LuLaRoe Sizing guides about the Maxi, BUT I have generally found that this runs a little large as well, and I go down 1-2 sizes in this as well. The best part about these skirts (besides the amazing flow they have) – has to be the fold over waistline. I am a little vertically challenged, and feared buying my first Maxi, thinking it would be dragging on the ground like most of my jeans, but Viola! the”Yoga-pants-waist”, as I like to call it, is so forgiving, and folds right over to adjust that length, and doesn’t get all bunchy in the process. Perfection.

Classic T and Randy:

These can pretty much be worn according to suggested sizing, however, if you want to wear with leggings, or like a little more covered, I go up a size in these. Not as a rule, but sometimes. I have several sizes, in each of these, and wear them differently, depending on my mood. The Randy T I like to go up 2 sizes when wearing with leggings, and they do seem to fit tighter around the middle, FYI

Perfect T:

This piece is longer and more flowy than a regular, Classic T – and has slits on the sides for added flare. Sizing for this could go either way. Again, find a print you love, and try it. I own several sizes of these as well, and they all have there place in my wardrobe.

Nicole Dress:

Nicole can be worn pretty much according to the provided size chart. I have seen people wear them backwards if the neck is cut too low, but I wouldn’t recommend it. The dress will come just below knee length and has some serious twirl factor.

Amelia Dress:

The Amelia dress is the gorgeous dress with an exposed zipper and POCKETS. Everyone raves about the pockets, and rightfully so. Who doesn’t love a good, hidden pocket in a gorgeous dress? I’ve never seen anything quite like it. Now this one, I have seen worn backwards several times and it actually works, in my opinion. And yes, the pockets work both ways. Amelias come in a couple different fabric types. In general, they fit quite true to size, but for some of the less stretchy fabric, I would size up one for extra comfort.

Sarah Cardigan:

The Sarah is the full length duster cardigan, and really, you can fit into several sizes of these. The part that is going to restrict you is the sleeves. Some fabrics are stretchier than others, allowing for more room in the sleeves, but other less stretchy fabrics you are going to want to stay in your size range on the chart.

Lindsay Cardigan

Lindsay runs quite big. I usually tell my customers to size down a bit. Like if they wear anywhere up to a large – go with a small Lindsay. They are very roomy and forgiving, and there are a few ways to style them, which I will get into in a future blog.  LuLaRoe sizing is tough on this one.


Oh the Joy, she is one of my all time favorite layering pieces. She is perfect for any time of year, and really adds something to any outfit. Sizing is relatively simple. Stick to your regular size, and then you can usually go up a size, and down a size too. The only real constricting factor is the arm holes (and even those are generous). So if you usually wear a medium, you can likely wear anywhere from a small to a large in a joy. Some joys are stretchy, others are not. So sometimes asking that question before purchasing is a good idea so you know what you are getting for fit.

Azure Skirt

The Azure is basically a shorter maxi skirt, so sizing is very similar. It hangs just below the knee and has some great twirl factor as well. You should be able to use the size chart to determine your size on this one. Or, if you are familiar with your maxi size, going with that is a good bet.

One of my dear friends said something great to me, “LuLaRoe is magic, I swear. Like the sisterhood of the traveling pants. Everything always fits just right!” I couldn’t agree more. Use the LuLaRoe sizing chart as your guide, and let the clothes do the rest.

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