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Your Guide to LuLaRoe Carly Styling and Fashion

LuLaRoe’s newest dress to hit our closets is the Carly Dress. This dress is a swing style dress, with a high-low hemline that lets you move and breath just the way you want to while wearing a dress, but have never been able to. The open sleeves make moving (and thus your whole day) just that much better. There are dozens of ways to style Carly, making this a very versatile piece to add to your wardrobe. I’m hoping you find this to be the complete guide to LuLaroe Carly styling!

Carly Sizing

Carly Sizing Chart
LuLaRoe Carly Size Chart

Carly is an open style dress, so it is going to run big. If you are familiar with LuLaRoe’s Irma sizing, you will generally wear the same size as your Irma. If not, the general rule is to size down 1-2 sizes, all depending on how you want this to fit, of course. I have found that this is the most forgiving dress LuLaRoe has produced. I can wear an XXS, all the way up to a 3XL, with a few styling tricks. My “normal” size in Carly is a small or medium.

LuLaRoe Carly Price

The MAP of the Carly dress is $55.

LuLaRoe Carly Styling

Belting Carly Dress – This is one of the easiest was to style your Carly is to add a thin or thick belt (any belt really). This will give your shape some definition, and a little bit of sophistication. Belts with Carlys can be worn high, just under the breast line, or low, hanging just over the hips, or right in the middle like a regular belt.

Carly Belt Styling
LuLaRoe Carly with a thick belt

Carly Belted
LuLaRoe Carly with a metal stretch belt

LuLaRoe Belted Carly
LuLaRoe Carly with a thin belt

Carly Styles
Carly Dress with a Lindsay Kimono and a Cassie Skirt as a scarf

How to Knot Carly Dress

There are a lot, and I mean A LOT, of different ways to knot a LuLaRoe Carly Dress. We are going to go through a good number of them with you, and you will have a bunch of new ways to wear this dress! These are some of the forgotten tips on LuLaRoe Carly Styling.

Floral Knot

The floral knot on a Carly dress is a larger knot, generally worn on the side (will be too bulky to wear in the back or in the center front). You will need 2 ponytail holders for this knot. Generally, because this knot is a larger one, the thicker, no metal-no snag, hair elastics will work the best. I have also found that using a hair elastic that is a similar color to the Carly you are wearing can be beneficial. Start by pulling a good amount of the dress off to the side, being careful to sweep evenly the front fabric and the back fabric. Make a larger “ponytail” out of the excess fabric and tie the elastic several times around your fabric ponytail. Take all the excess fabric and make a flat pancake over the bulk of the fabric ponytail. Take your other hair band and place it right over the bump that is formed by the excess fabric making the center of the flower knot. Pull on the “petals” of the flower knot around the center until the knot looks the way you want. This type of knot is best made with leggings material Carlys, or t-shirt material, simply because of the bulk – but can be done with most fabrics, as long as the Carly is not too small. Please see the video for further instructions.

Knotting your Carly dress
Flower Knot for Carly Dress

Carly Knotted dress
LuLaRoe Carly Flower Knot

Silver Dollar Knot or Coin Knot

Carly Fashion StylingFor a smaller, less bulky knot you can do what I refer to as the “silver dollar knot” – For this knot I actually use a silver dollar, but you can certainly use any coin (the bigger the better though!) For this knot, you will place the coin on the dress where you want the knot to be centered, on the outside of the dress. Then flip the fabric of your dress up so you are grabbing the coin from the underside of the fabric. Take a small hair tie and wrap it around the coin, so the fabric is basically wrapping the coin inside the fabric. You will then have a nice faux knot, that gives the dress some dimension and interesting texture. See the video for further clarification. Please see video for further instruction.

Carly Styling Knot
Silver Dollar Knot

Carly Knotting
Carly Dress with a Cassie Skirt

Wearing Other Pieces with Your Carly Dress

In addition to styling your Carly with a pair of butter soft leggings, there are so many different pieces that you can pair with your Carly Dress. Lularoe Carly styling, made easy!

Carly Styling
Carly Dress with a Classic T

Carly Knotting
Carly Dress with a Cassie Skirt

Carly Styles
Carly Dress with a Lindsay Kimono and a Cassie Skirt as a scarf

Styling a Carly
Carly Dress with a Joy Vest

As you can see, there are so many different ways to style your Carly dress from LuLaRoe. I have crated a video to show you step by step how to make these simple fashion tricks. Please enjoy, and comment and show us pics of LuLaRoe Carly Stying!

Carly dress styling
Styling your Carly Dress


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