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Your 2020 Guide to LuLaRoe Prices

Feel overwhelmed shopping LuLaRoe from time to time trying to keep track of all the sizing and LuLaRoe prices? Here is a good chart with every piece that LuLaRoe currently makes to make it easy for you. For $25 you are getting an amazing pair of leggings. I totally understand the fear behind spending $25 on leggings, but you are buying quality and most consultants have excellent return policies should something go wrong with your clothing. Shirts are going to run you about $35 on average, which are going to make you look and feel amazing, so I can’t imagine better spending $35. Skirts and dresses, which are amazing will run about $35 to $65 approximately. The higher end dresses make you look so dressy, while still feeling comfortable. I used to come home from work and immediately change into my yoga pants and tank top. Now, there are days I climb into bed and realize I haven’t taken off my LuLaRoe that I put on that morning. That is saying something about the comfort of this clothing, and I think that is worth every cent!

If you are looking for unique layering pieces, the Joy and Sarah are the perfect solution. There are so many fun ways to style them, and they really complete your outfit. LuLaRoe came out with a limited edition piece, called the Mimi, and while they are no longer available, I was able to grab 2 for myself, and I loved them and can’t wait to see what they put out next.

Let’s talk about the Carly dress real quick, because I hear a lot of gripes about the $55 price tag on a t-shirt dress. This dress is amazing, there are a zillion ways you can style it, layer them, tie them and make them unique. From a girl that owns over 30 Carly dresses, these are worth the money. They last, and each dress can look like a different dress each day of the week depending on how you style it.

The LuLaRoe prices I feel are fair for the quality. Of course, that’s up to the consumer, but anyone who knows LuLaRoe knows it’s not just clothing – it’s a lifestyle.

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