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LuLaRoe Maxi Skirt Dress Styles

If you’ve ever wondered, “where can I buy LuLaRoe Maxi Skirts”, you’ve come to the right place! I am crazy about the LuLaRoe Maxi Skirt, and always have dozens of sizes from XXS to 3XL in stock. Whether you’re looking for solids or prints, there is so much to choose from. Because of LuLaRoe’s unique business model, there are only a set amount of prints made for every piece. Each skirt is unique and original, with a limited run of each; this ensures you have the latest fashion trend of your very own. We are starting to see so many fun, and unique fabrics, prints and textures coming out this year, I can’t wait to see what is in store for 2017.

My personal favorites are some of the many fun LuLaRoe Maxi Skirt prints, in particular, anything floral. I have become obsessed with floral prints – and thank goodness there is an abundance of floral print maxi skirts to choose from. Each skirt is boasts unique pattern and prints, and the best part of all about Maxis is the comfort! The fabrics used are ultra-comfortable, allowing you to wear it all day and feel great! I have NEVER owned a maxi before I started shopping LuLaRoe, and now my closet possibly has a few too many (wait, never mind – never too many!) Check out some pics of our many styles that we’ve featured through the months. Most of these we can’t keep in stock, as they go SO FAST, but we continue to get new, great styles in every week. I generally order 2-3 times a week, making sure that I keep the latest and greatest in stock for my customers.

So let’s talk about the Maxi skirt material. Almost all of the maxis I have received are a triple weighted fabric- a heavy fabric that avoids wrinkling, which is AMAZING! I am seeing some new, great fabrics coming my way, not just for the skirts, but all the style lines, such as jacquard, embossed, burn out, and so much more…. so exciting! Each skirt has a yoga band style waist, which can be folded over, and will not cause any “pooching” or “bunching” because of the unique fabric. Making it easy to wear it higher or lower on your waist, changing the length of the skirt to fit you the best. Like all my LuLaRoe clothing, I wash my maxi skirts with other like clothing/colors and lay flat to dry. Never dry your LuLaRoe Maxi skirt in the dryer..

We host online popup parties at least once a week, so feel free to checkout our LuLaRoe facebook group on how to buy LuLaRoe Maxi Skirts. Our maxi skirt sale usually starts around 7 pm CST each event, so jump in on the fun and claim your own Maxi Skirt!

We also found this great video on LuLaRoe Maxi Skirts and styling tips…enjoy!


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