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LuLaRoe Leggings Size Difference

LuLaRoe leggings are by far one of the most popular items sold by LuLaRoe.  Most LuLaShoppers have at least one (or, in my case, 50) pairs, but for any LuLaNewbies deciding on a size can be a question. There are some lucky gals out there that can fit into 2 different sizes – you may be one of them and don’t even know it. Think of the possibilities if you could wear TWO different LuLaRoe leggings sizes?! As we know, every LuLaRoe consultant carries various colors/prints of leggings. As a consultant, we do not actually get to pick our prints/colors, they are sent to us at random, and there is a limited amount printed for each style. Nothing is worse than finding a print you LOVE, only to see it is not in your “size”. Here, I have included the measurements of each size of the leggings, to show you, your options may be more open than you once thought!

LuLaRoe Leggings Sizes

LuLaRoe Leggins Sizes Chart

LuLaRoe OS (one size) leggings – generally fit size 0 to 10. Measurements are approximately (unstretched) 35 inches long (inseam 25 inches)

LuLaRoe T&C (tall and curvy) leggings – generally fit size 12 to 22. Measurements are approximately (unstretched) 39 inches long (inseam 27.5 inches)

LuLaRoe Tween leggings – for tweens or 10+ generally, although my 7 year old loves this size. Measurements are 32 inches long (inseam 23 inches)

LuLaRoe Kids S/M leggings – generally fits kids age 2 – 6 . Measurements are 23 inches long (inseam 16 inches)

LuLaRoe Kids L/XL leggings – generally fits kids age 6 – 10  . Measurements are 29 inches long (inseam 19 inches)

For all the OS-ers out there – ever think about trying the tween, and wearing them as capris? Or going up a size to the T&C and folding them over at the top? IT CAN BE DONE.

Keep an open mind about LuLaRoe leggings and their sizing – you will thank me someday 🙂 There are so many amazing ways to wear your lularoe leggings – with Irmas, Randys, Perfect Ts, Carly Dresses, Julias and pretty much any dress or top made by LuLaRoe. You can roll up your leggings, wear 2 pairs at a time, and the amazing yogo band waist makes it easy to adjust the length and fit around your waist.

Happy Shopping and I hope you learned a bit about LuLaRoe leggings sizes! Join our FB shopping group for fun giveaways, weekly online sales!



  • I have a pair if leggins. Say L/xL
    On label. Kaby who sold them said kids size or tween.
    I am 5 ft 3 in and weight 102 lbs
    Would tween size fit me

  • How about someone who is 5’0 inches and weigh 140. Are the T&C too long?

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