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Tips for Hosting a LuLaRoe Pop Up Boutique

There are two ways to host a LuLaRoe Pop Up. You can host an in home pop up party, or an online virtual party (Sign Up for Virtual Party Here). Both are acceptable, but in most cases, in home pop ups will bring you more sales, and thus earn you, the host, more incentives! Every consultant is free to choose what her host incentive package looks like. For most, the consultant offers a free item for every 10 items sold during your pop up. Some have some bonuses here and there as well, just be sure to have your consultant spell out exactly what her incentive package looks like before booking with her, so you are both on the same page. Ask her if she offers any extra incentives to you, and a guest that may book a party with her, during your party.

LuLaRoe hosting a pop up can be a fun, rewarding experience. You, as the hostess, will get what you put into it! Hostesses that put in some effort into getting their guests excited, helping the consultant sell their pieces, etc. will have more successful parties. You and your consultant are truly business partners for the week leading up to, and the day of your pop up boutique. Here, we will discuss some different ideas that can help you have a successful boutique party.

Inviting Friends/Family – your consultant should create an event in facebook for your event for you to invite your guests. You should also receive some hand outs to give to people personally, for in home events. While facebook can be great, people get a lot of invites, and a hand held, handwritten invitation will have a better turn out percentage. Ask for a flier that you can hang in your break room, conference room, or any place that your co-workers/friends/family may gather. Making personal phone calls, personal invitations, even text messages will yield a better turnout that strictly relying on FB invites. This is very, very true.

Set a Goal for Yourself – How many free items do you want to earn? What is your goal? Think about that number and work with your consultant to get there! Talk to her about any ideas she may have to help you achieve your goal!

Posting Pictures of YOU in your event, and on your personal Facebook page. Your friends and family will want to shop at your event if they see how much you love your already purchased LuLaRoe items!  Wear your LuLaRoe that you already have in your closet everyday if you can the week before your party – you are a walking billboard for your party!

In your Facebook Event Page leading up to your event:

  • Ask your consultant if she will have any games/participation incentives, etc. so you can help promote these in the event
  • Encourage guest interaction! Have guests ask questions. Lead by example. Post a question for the consultant, about a product, sizing, styling, etc. a few times leading up to the event date.
  • Your host should be posting styles in your event. Find a couple styles you love, or would like to try, and comment about WHY you love that particular style. Tag some friends that you think would love it too.
  • Post pictures of yourself wearing any Lularoe you already have! In addition to posting the pictures, describe where you wear that particular style, how it makes you feel, etc.
  • Send a personal message, text or make a phone call to all of your RSVP’d guests, giving them a sweet reminder of the party. Tell them how excited you are to see them (for in homes), or how appreciative you are for their participation (for virtual) in helping you earn some free clothing!

During the Event (in home pop up):

  • Try on LOTS of styles during your party. Show your guests how to mix and match. Try on a style that maybe you would never think you will love, show your guests to think outside the box!
  • Help your guests find outfits. Encourage guests to reach out to the consultant for help matching pieces, they know their inventory better than anyone! I personally love putting outfits together more than anything!

During the Event (Virtual Pop Up):

  • Start claiming items during your party (you don’t have to wait for your rewards to pile in, show your guests how it’s done!)
  • Find items in the shop that you think your guests will love, post items to the event and tag people! Tell them why you think they would love that particular item.
  • Find items, post them to the event and ask the consultant (or a guest) to help make an outfit out of it!
  • Once the party is nearing a close, post a quick Thank You to your guests in the group
  • Once you receive your free items, post a picture in the group showing everyone how much their purchases helped you earn!

Hosting a LuLaRoe party can be so much fun, and it’s success is dependent on you and your consultant working together to make your guests feel like they are part of the action, and most of all appreciated for their participation! Please contact me if you have any further questions about hosting a LuLaRoe Pop Up party, or if you would like to book a virtual party with me in my VIP shopping group!





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